Brian Kane, MD
Tower Health Medical Group - Kenhorst
Specialty: Family Medicine
Medical School: Temple University
Residency: Reading Hospital, Family Medicine

“Reading Hospital is the perfect mix of a small community hospital and that of an academic institution. It has as much to offer as some of the large city hospitals but with a close-knit community feel. We're growing at a good pace and we have a lot to offer to the community and to our patients. 

I've been with this health system since 1996 and I can't imagine working anywhere else. Tower Health gives us boundless opportunities to grow, not only within managing patients but there's also opportunity in leadership and research. Additionally, there are opportunities for teaching with medical students and residents. And once the new medical school, in partnership with Drexel University, is completed, those opportunities are only going to increase. It’s truly a great time to be part of Tower Health.”

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